Block   Description  Inputs  Outputs
The Start block marks the beginning of a programming block sequence in your program. Your program can have more than one sequence. All sequences with a Start block will start automatically when a program is run, and the sequences will run at the same time.
This block makes your program wait for something before continuing to the next block in the sequence. The block may wait on time, sensor values, or a pressed brick button. 
 Seconds: Positive Number
Compare Type: Equal(0), Not Equal(1), Greater Than (2), Greater Than or Equal To (3), Less Than(4), Less Than or Equal To (5)
Threshold Value: Number
Direction: Number
Amount: Number

* For additional inputs see Sensors

Measured Value: Number (the Sensor Value after the wait)
This block works as a repeat. The code inside the loop will repeat until a certain condition is met. Conditions Include: Unlimited  Once the condition is met, the robot may exit the loop. (See more info)
Count: Number
Seconds: Number
Until: Boolean
Compare Type: Equal (0), Not Equal (1), Greater Than (2), Greater Than or Equal To (3), Less Than (4), Less Than or Equal To (5)
Threshold Value: Number

*For additional Inputs see Sensors
 Count: Number (of times the loop has executed)
The Switch block is a container that can contain two or more sequences of programming blocks. Each sequence is called a Case. A test at the beginning of the Switch determines which Case will run. Only one Case will run each time the Switch is executed. (See more info)
 Logic: Boolean
Number: Number
Text: Text
Compare Type: Equal (0), Not Equal (1), Greater Than (2), Greater Than or Equal To (3), Less Than (4), Less Than or Equal To (5)
Threshold Value: Number 

*For additional inputs see Sensors 
 Loop Interrupt
The Loop Interrupt block makes a Loop block end. No more blocks in the loop sequence will execute, and the program will continue with any blocks that are after the loop. You can specify which Loop block to interrupt by using its Loop Name. (See more info)
 Loop Name: Number/Text