Teacher: Mrs. L. Morales

I am excited and looking forward to our time together as we begin our educational journey together. for the 2023-2024 school year. We will be exploring new lands and civilizations, as well as learning how to better express, in written words, our thoughts and ideas.

We will seek out environments to upgrade and makeover and we will explore the world around us along with the ever changing political and social climate.

But none of that is as interesting and wonderful as the discoveries we will experience as we draw nearer to our creator and our Lord. For true, "knowledge begins with respect for the Lord." Proverbs 1:7 International Children's Bible (ICB). Our savior invites us and waits for us. We will answer His call this school year, as we journey together.

In Grades 5 - 8 students will utilize Chrome Books only which will be provided by the school.

In Grades 5 - 8 students will utilize Chrome Books only which will be provided by the school.   





NB:  As necessary all students are required to have a printer and technology device i.e. Tablet or Desktop Computer