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MARCH 01, 2024

Dear Parents and Guardians;

Thank you for your continued support of Oakview School. We really appreciate your cooperation as we work together for the edification of our children.

Please take note of the following highlights for the month of March:
1) March 5 – 7 - MAP Testing (grades 3 – 8). This will be the last session of MAP Testing for the school year. Please remind your child to take these tests seriously and do their very best.

2) March 12 – School will be on Zoom from 8:30am to 12:00pm due to GNYC Professional Development Day.

3) March 16 – Oakview Gospel Explosion Concert at North Bronx Church SDA starting at 5pm. Please send in your envelopes with the donations you have collected to the school office as soon as possible. All proceeds go toward the balance owed on the Bathroom Renovation Project.

4) March 29 – Half-day School on Zoom 8:30am to 12:00pm as a makeup day for the late start of the school year.

5) Thank you for your on time payments by way of cash and Zelle. These methods allow us to have the funds right away as opposed to other methods that take many days to clear and deposit into our account.

6) As you are aware, Oakview School is looking for a new Principal for next school year. If you know of anyone qualified, please pass the word around. More details will be sent in the May or June monthly letter.

7) Oakview School Tax ID for filing is: 11-3070794

J. Eric Imbert

Lunch Menu


Please be aware that the price of a bottle of water is increased to $1.00. All other prices remain the same:
PreK to Grade 3
lunch - $4
Grade 4 to Grade 8
Lunch - $5
Snacks - $0.50 - $1.00
Water - $1.00
Fruit - $1.00
Pizza - $3.00/slice  Salad Pizza - $5.00/slice