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September, 2020       

August 26, 2020
Dear Parent / Guardian:
Thank you for choosing Oakview Preparatory School for your child. As you are aware, our institution provides a Bible-based, quality education that will facilitate the spiritual, moral, mental, social and physical growth of each student. With a dedicated staff, your child’s involvement in his/her own learning and with your constant support, we can make great things happen every year. If you do not receive my monthly letter on “Jupiter or Mailchimp” between the 1st and the 5th of each month, please go on to the website under “OPS Correspondence” at:
There are a few items that we would like to bring to your attention:


  1. Thursday, August 27, as mentioned to you at our last meeting on August 20, will be Parent / Teacher Orientation from 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 pm. The first session will start at 1:00p.m. to 2:15p.m. The second at 2:30p.m. to 3:45p.m. The last from 4:00p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    All parents should be there to get acquainted with the teacher(s) and your child’s Curriculum. This is a mandatory meeting; parents must be involved in their children’s learning process. Parents should have a conversation with their children regarding the use of masks for their protection, the importance of working hard as minorities in this country, and their responsibilities in life. “NO MASK, NO ENTRY ON SCHOOL BUS OR SCHOOL”.
  2. Due to the fact that your child will have gym class every day he/she is allowed to come to school in gym uniform unless the child is hurt or due to some other issue. The gym uniform is a T-shirt and blue shorts/sweat pants. If you want a T-shirt with the school logo, the Grade 8 students will place an order for you. Please call the office and ask Ms. Stokes to send a form to you.
  3. We will not go apple picking due to the Covid situation. The Schedule for Dress Down Days for the year 2020-2021 is postponed until we return to the full schedule. We will not have after school  or after care program due to the fact that the building must be cleaned between 4:00p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Therefore, please pick up your child on time at 3:00 p.m.
  4. We will not be able to do many fundraising ventures to subsidize different activities for the school. We are asking you to do your best to return the tuition on time. Based on the survey done last week 52.6 % of the parents voted for Hybrid and 47.3 % of the parents voted for Remote learning. Therefore we will provide services for both needs.  
  5. This year the music program will be provided directly through Mr. Veras. Please text him directly at (914)441-8618. It is difficult for him to answer calls because he is always busy; texting is the best way to reach him.
  6. Many children bring lunch to be warmed at school. We are asking the parents of Pre K – Grade 4 students only to purchase a special thermos for their children so they can bring their food warmed up from home otherwise each classroom will need to have a microwave. Please help your child’s teacher to acquire one for the classroom.  
  7.  Please make sure to keep your child at home if he/she is sick. We are asking the children to keep a bottle of hand sanitizer inside their school bags so they can keep their hands clean at all times. Also they will need to bring water bottles for the day because the water fountain will be closed. Wipes need to remain inside the classroom and they need to practice social distancing at all times.
  8. Thank you for your cooperation and prayers as we work together to ensure the safety and well being of our children.

Sincerely yours,
J. Eric Imbert, Principal