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Tuesday,  6, 2020


Dear Parent / Guardian:


Best wishes for the New Year. We thank God for His care and His protection over us thus far. It is my prayer that all our plans will become a reality by the end of the school year.

Please be aware of the following:

1.  Home and School meeting will be through conference call on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2019 at 7p.m. The phone number is 605-475-4700. Access code 132686 #

2. Tuesday, Jan. 7 will be our “Retake or Absentee picture day”. If you would like your child’s picture taken again, please send in a note to the teacher along with your photo package. For those who are taking pictures, please do not send your child to school in the gym uniform.

3. Please make note of the following:

a) Monday, January 13, school will be closed for Pastors/Educators Meeting in Long Island

b)  January 20, school will be closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

c) January 27, school will be closed for teachers’ in-service meeting at school.


4. January 17- 24. Grades 3-8 will have Mid-Year exams in the Core subjects. On Friday, January 24, only those who have to make up exams will need to come to school, the rest of students in grades 3-8 should stay home to complete book reports or any other unfinished work. Pre-K to grade 2 students will be functioning on a normal schedule.

5. On December 18 or 19 the students in grades 3-8 received the revision topics and pages that will help to prepare them for their exams (you can also print a copy from the school website or Jupiter).  Please encourage your child to continue reviewing. Your input and involvement are extremely important for your child’s success. The grades achieved on these exams are strong components of their final grades. Enclosed is the Schedule that will help your child to be better prepared for these examinations. Please make sure that your child’s account is up to date, which means that the December and January payments have been paid. If the tuition is not up-to-date, your child will have to take these exams at a later date. Please do not send your child to school.


Local Examination:  Grades 3 - 8     




Jan. 17


Jan. 21


Jan. 22


Jan. 23


Jan. 24


8:45 -11:45





S. Studies

Make up



1- 2:50




Review or

Make up Exam



On Friday, January 24, we will have make –up exams for grade 3-8 students. Those who have fulfilled all their exam requirements will be allowed to stay home to finish their incomplete assignments.


6. This year we are going to sell tickets online for the concert through evenbrite. For those who are unable to so, we are asking you to bring a generous offering of at least $15.00 that will be collected at the church. Please help the school as we continue to provide the best for your child and all of our students. Here is the project we have in mind: Raise $70,000 to purchase a new furnace system for the school. The concert will be at North Bronx SDA Church and is scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 6:00p.m.


7. The Spelling Bee competition will begin on Friday, Jan. 30, 2020. The contest will consist of three levels. Level one (1) will be the written section. Students who score 80 % and above will advance to the next level on February 7. The second level will be done orally in the classrooms, and the final level will in the gym with the two top spellers competing for the championship position on Wednesday, February 12.  Please continue to prepare your child by practicing with him / her from the list provided on the school website.


8. The Senior Choir (grades 3-8) will be visiting Grand Concourse SDA Church on Sabbath, Jan. 25, 2020. Please mark your calendar. It is important that the children go to the constituent churches to thank them for their investment in the school.                                                                                                         


Sincerely Yours,

J. Eric Imbert, Principal