Medical & Health


All students attending school in New York State must comply with the requirements for immunization. Children may be exempted for religious and/or medical reasons. Verification of immunization must be in the student’s cumulative (CUM) folder before the student enters school. If such proof has not been presented a student must withdraw from school until such proof is given.

Oakview Preparatory School requires an annual physical examination and at least a yearly dental check-up for each pupil. The forms are to be completed b \y your doctor and dentist, and returned to the school promptly. (Forms may be required from school office). New York State Law mandates physical examination for all new students, and for First, Third, Seventh,, and Tenth graders. Medical Reports are due by November 1st. State Law also requires yearly scoliosis screening of children 8 to 16 years old; a trained examiner should check the spine to determine whether an unusual curvature exists.

 The Oakview Preparatory School of Seventh-day Adventists does not permit self-administration of Prescriptive or Non-Prescriptive drugs. School personnel may NOT administer medication of any kind. This is a parent/guardian responsibility. Only Medical Personnel are permitted to administer medicine upon written request of parents.

In case of sickness parent/guardian will be notified immediately. Emergency procedures will be followed as outlined on the student’s Emergency Card (yellow card). This must be kept CURRENT and the proper vital information be readily available. The school will co-operate promptly and deliberately to ensure the well being of the child.

A monthly Visiting Nurse Service from the Yonkers Department of Health provides routine testing and makes medical referrals as necessary and monitor’s all the school’s medical records.
No child with an infectious or contagious illness will be allowed to remain in school. This child should not be permitted to return to school until there is a medical clearance by a certified physician or health care provider.