About Us

The Oakview Preparatory School


Oakview Preparatory School is a Seventh-Day Adventist Institution consisting of two Divisions:  Elementary (Pre-K – 5) and Junior High (6-8). The school is a part of the world-wide system of Christian Education operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Oakview Preparatory School was established in 1991 by a group of Educators, (Bronx, Westchester Education Committee).

The purpose of its founders was to provide quality Christian education for the students of the ten participating churches in the Bronx-Westchester area. Non- participating members may also be admitted. Its goal is to foster moral, Christ-like character, promote academic excellence and prepare its students for service to God and their fellowman. The institution maintains a non-discriminating policy and includes students from any religious, racial and ethnic background. Students are required to abide by the policies and principles of the School.

Teachers at The Oakview Preparatory School are the Living Curriculum; they teach not only academic subjects, but their lives also teach students how to be Christ-followers, relationship builders, effective communicators, supportive team-partners and advocates for others. Though our teachers come in all different shapes and sizes, have varied backgrounds and experiences, and possess unique personality types, they have certain identifiable beliefs and qualities which set them apart.

Besides our exemplary teachers, The Oakview Preparatory School is also blessed with other qualities necessary to be a great school:

  • A modern, secure campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure supporting the latest in learning environment technology
  • A rounded academic curriculum
  • Vibrant Fine Arts and Extra Curricular programs
  • A commitment to character development and service to others

The Oakview Preparatory School is a great school because of the above reasons and more. We invite you to experience it for yourself and your family. Please call our Office of Admissions today to schedule a campus visit. Walk the halls, sit in on a class, listen to the conversations of our students and faculty, and we believe you will recognize what makes The Oakview Preparatory School distinctive and a great school for your children and your family.