The school encourages students’ lunches to conform to Adventist Health Standards. This excludes all meats, fish, coffee, tea and drinks containing caffeine, soda and empty calorie, high-fat/sodium/sugar food items – (“junk food”). Children are not permitted to go neither to order food from local fast food retailers. Acceptable food items should be eaten only at the appropriate times and places which means the cafeteria.
A hot, healthy vegetarian lunch is served each day at minimal charge. The school requests parents to ensure that their child has a nourishing breakfast before leaving home for school. This ensures maximum learning. Special occasions during the year arise when parties/picnics provide for a change from the regular lunch program. Parents/Teachers are encouraged to serve healthy snacks and treats and to minimize on empty-caloried foods.

Educational personnel and volunteers are encouraged to refrain from the following dietary practices during regular school hours and during school sponsored activities:

  • The eating of flesh foods as well as fish.
  • Drinking products containing caffeine – within this category are coffee, certain types of tea and cola products.
  • The eating of high fat/sugar fast foods – “junk food”, e.g. candy, chocolate bars, chips, etc.
Families are encouraged to follow the N-E-W-S-T-A-R-T approach to a better lifestyle, good health and mental acuity.
  • –Good Nutrition – eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grain
  • – Exercise, walk, swim, etc.
  • – Drink Water (at least 6-8 glasses daily)
  • – Sunshine – outdoor activities
  • – Temperance – Eat moderately of what is good. Avoid what is harmful.
  • – Air – children should get out in fresh air.
  • – Rest – “Early to bed, early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.