Block  Description   Inputs Outputs 
 File Access
The File Access block allows you to read and write data to and from files on your EV3 Brick. (See more Info)
File Name: Text 
Text to Write: Text
Text: Text
Numeric: Number 
The Messaging Block is used to send Bluetooth Messages between EV3 Bricks. (See more info)

*Must be connected to Bluetooth
 Message Title: Text
Receiving Brick Name: Text
Message: Text, Number, or Boolean
Compare Type: Equal (0), Not Equal(1), Greater Than (2), Greater Than or Equal To (3), Less Than (4), Less Than or Equal To(5)
Threshold Value: Number
Comparison Text: Text

 Message: Text, Number, or Logic 
Compare Result: Text, Number, or Logic
Use the Bluetooth Connection block to turn Bluetooth on or off, connect to another Bluetooth device, or close the connection to another Bluetooth device. 
(See more info.)
 Connect To: Text
   Keep Awake
This block resets the brick sleep timer. Use this block if your program needs to wait for longer than the brick Sleep Setting. The Sleep Setting is configured using the Brick Interface.
   Time until Sleep: Number
 Raw Sensor Value
This block outputs the unprocessed sensor reading, which is a value in the range 0 to 1023. The Raw Sensor Value block only has one mode.
 Port Number: 1-4  Raw Value: 0-1023
 Unregulated Motor
This block can turn a motor on and control its power level.
 Motor Port: A - C
Power: -100 to 100
 Invert Motor
The Invert Motor block changes the direction of rotation of a motor.
Motor Port: A-C 
Invert: Boolean
The Stop Program block immediately terminates all programming block sequences and ends the program.
This is not a programming block. Use to comment within a program to describe each step or plan next steps in plain language.  
 Comments: Text