S. Studies Midterm Review Outline

• Study Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Grade 8 English Grammar:

• Review DOL classwork assignments in your notebooks

Grade 8 English Review:

A theme in a piece of literary work is the main message:
• It is what the author wants you know
• A broad idea about life
• Usually not stated and must be inferred

So far, this school year, you have read three novels; Days of Terror by Barbara Smucker, Song of the trail by Mabel Earp Carson, and The Book of Luke.

For your Midterm, you will determine ONE theme that is common to at least TWO of the novels we have read. You will write an essay that discusses how this theme is portrayed in the two novels. You should make note of similarities and differences in the presentation of the theme in the novel at large as well as how the theme is applicable to characters. In your essay, be sure to include at least two quotations from each novel when supporting your ideas

Remember to follow the format we have been using for essays:
• Attention Getter (you may not use a question)
• Specific Purpose • Central Ideas
• Thesis Statement

Main Idea Sentence Examples Application (Your OITT will usually be in this part) Linking Sentence

1. Re-phrase your introduction line-by-line. Say the same thing in a different way
2. Add a generalization that is applicable to everyone – “chocolate”

Your graphic organizer for this essay is due when we return to school on January 7, 2019. On January 7, 8, and 9 of 2019, I will be reviewing your graphic organizers with you one-on-one to give you feedback to make sure you are on track. You may enter the exam with your graphic organizers, your novels, and a dictionary. I-pads will not be allowed.



Chapters 1 - 3











Chapter 2
– 4 (Linear equations, systems of equations, functions)

Study online (CC 2014) 
Supplemental material for solving systems of linear equations algebraically using substitution and elimination.



Study the following chapters of the Bible:

I. Genesis 1 - Days and order of Creation

  • What was created on each day and the order of the days; e.g. On day one God created light; on day 2 God created the firmament  and divided the waters under the firmament  from the waters above  the firmament ; etc. 

II. Genesis 2 - The Garden of Eden

  • Know what was planted in the garden of Eden and what trees/fruits we forbidden to be eaten .
  • You should know  the names of at least 2 of the rivers which ran through the garden 
  • You should be able to correctly state the reason God created Eve and what process he used to create Eve. 
  • You should be able to describe Adams responsibilities for the Garden
  • Be able to state what life was like for Adam and  Eve before sin  (Genesis 2:24-25)

III. Genesis 3 - The Temptation and Fall of Man

Be familiar with the  story of the temptation of Eve by the serpent as told in Genesis 3: 1 - 7 

  • What did the tempter tell her about God?
  • What did the tempter tell her to do instead ? 
  • What action of Eve caused her to sin?
  • What action of Adam caused him to sin also?

Be familiar with all  the  consequences of Adam and Eve sinning   as told in Genesis 3: 8-24


IV. Be able to explain in a sentence the following verses:

  1. ““You will not surely die.  For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”. - Gen. 3:5
  2. "Then the eyes of both of them were opened" - Gen 3:7
  3. "Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God" - Gen 3:8


V. Be able to list 1 of the Patriarchs we studied and give 3 facts ( not your opinions ) about that Patriarch. 


VI. Review the questions and the correct answers for  the online test you did. Some questions will be repeated on your mid-term exam.