Plans for Reopening Oakview School for the Year 2020-2021

Oakview Preparatory School
29 Chestnut St.
Yonkers NY 10701
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Tel. 914.423.7369

The survey which was completed by 101 parents indicates the following:

A)  37 % of parents from PK to 8 voted to have the students attend school for two consecutive days each week.
B)   46% of parents from PK to 8 voted to split the class in two groups. Half of the students will attend school each day and the other half will be taught via zoom. 
C)  16 parents indicated that they prefer their child to stay home due to the situation.
Plan B will be implemented. Each class will be split in two groups (blended schedule) in order to maintain the “Social Distancing” guidelines as prescribed by the CDC.

This means that every class will be split in two groups—A and B between Monday and Thursday. Only half of the students (PK-8) will come to school each day, and the rest on the following day. All siblings will come to school on the same day. All students will receive instruction through Zoom on Fridays. 

Enclosed is the framework that we are going to implement.

Health and Safety:
1.    There will be no supervision in the cafeteria or gymnasium morning. Students will go straight to class at 8:00 a.m. Staff Worship and announcements will be on Zoom from 7:59 a.m.- 8:10 a.m.
2.    Students and parents’ temperatures will be taken before they enter the school bus or the school building. The entrance and exit of the building will be separated.
3.    Busses will be disinfected before and after school. Students will wear masks and will be socially distanced on the bus.

School Schedule:

  1. Mondays & Wednesdays will be called – Day A.
  2. Tuesdays & Thursdays will be called – Day B.
  3. The framework will be the same from Monday to Thursday. Classes for all be via Zoom on Fridays. All students will receive instruction every day whether in person or through Zoom. 
  4. There will be no Spanish at the beginning of Marking Period 1. Spanish may be implemented after the diagnostic tests on basic skills in order to evaluate the level of each child within the grade.
  5. Computer class will be for grades 5 – 8 only on Fridays. Core subjects will be prioritized due to the circumstances. Teachers will have a flexible schedule. Time will be allocated daily to help students make up work. Parent and teacher communication will be on-going through Jupiter Ed and other means in order to avoid any gaps in the learning process.


  1. Students will not exchange seats during the day. Teachers will move from class to class.
  2. Lunch will take place in the classroom. Individual room ventilation will be applied.
  3. Small groups of students will have 30 minutes of gym every day.
  4. Masks will be required for every student and teacher in the building. Students will be asked to bring their own hand sanitizers and wipes in their bags.
  5. Hand sanitizers will also be available at the front door and every corner in the building.
  6. The secretary and treasurer’s offices will be protected by shields.
  7. Bathrooms, front doors, offices will be monitored and 6 feet distancing will be implemented.

Social-Emotional Well-being:

  1. The school chaplain will continue to address all issues pertaining to the social and emotional well-being of the students.
  2. Teachers will address student’s needs during worship in the morning. They will also emphasize the tenets of our faith in Christ, and throughout the day there will be an implementation of faith and learning.


The school policy and procedure will be applied as usual. Each party (teacher, school secretary, or administrator) will implement the policy in order to make sure that students and parents are engaged in learning

Teaching and Learning Requirements:

On Monday mornings teachers are asked to provide the mandatory teaching and learning strategies for the week. Classroom instruction is based on the NAD and State Standards. There will be clear communication between parents and teachers through Jupiter Ed, Mailchimp, text messages, phone calls, and other communication platforms.

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