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Teaching Strategies for English Learners (PDF)

Channel One News offers real-world opportunities for the development of a working content vocabulary for English language learners. This user guide for teachers of English learners will help improve students’ English proficiency in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Combine these teaching strategies with the existing Channel One News curriculum to maximize the instructional value of Channel One News content for students learning English.

For Texas: ELPS-Aligned Teaching Strategies for English Learners (PDF)

Pre-Writing Graphic Organizers

Use the following graphic organizers to support writing activities outlined in the Teaching Strategies:

Rubrics: Writing, Conversation and Presentation (PDF)

Use these rubrics to assess students in writing, conversation and presentation across grades 3–12.

Anticipation Guide (PDF)

An anticipation guide is a comprehension strategy used before viewing to activate students’ prior knowledge and build curiosity about a new topic. Then it checks for understanding after viewing. See our anticipation guide model (PDF) for sample statements. Learn more about how to use anticipation guides with your students.

Media Literacy Venn Diagram (PDF)

This Media Literacy Venn diagram allows students to compare and contrast headlines from different sources about the same event to help students understand how word choice and syntax can change messages and meaning.

Note-Taking Guides

Use these graphic organizers to support students as they take notes during or after viewing the show. In our video library, you can filter videos by Skills and Strategies, including cause and effect, problem and solution, compare and contrast, and fact and opinion. Browse our videos to find good content to support the development of these comprehension strategies. Learn more about how to use them in your classroom.

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