Pre-K Supplies lIST 

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Composition Notebook



Poly Sheet Protectors Quantity: 20



Crib Sheet
Quantity: 1




Hand Sanitizer
Quantity: 2



Baby Wipes
Quantity:1 box



Facial Tissues Quantity: 1 box



Small Blanket
Quantity: 1 


Clothes (labeled)
Quantity: 1 set Socks, underwear, skirt/pants, and shirt in a zip lock bag


Black School Shoes
Quantity: 1pair No lace if necessary



White T-shirt
 Quantity: 1 


Blue Shorts
Quantity: 1


Black or White Sneakers
Quantity: 1 pair
No lace preferably 



Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Quantity: 2


Oakview Gym Uniform Quantity: 1 Set


Picture Bible
Quantity: 1



Supply Box
Quantity: 1


Box of Jumbo Crayons
Quantity: 1


Jumbo size pencils

Quantity: 4 




Box Washable Markers




Glue StickQuantity: 1


Age Appropriate Scissors


Quantity: 1
(No sharp point, round edge)




Pocket Folders Quantity:2


Shoe box size plastic container with child’s name

Quantity: 1


1½ inches Binder


Quantity: 1 





Construction Paper

Quantity: 1 Pack

(different colors) 



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