A. Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction within 1,000

- Number patterns

-Round to the nearest ten or hundred

-Estimate sums

-Place value to add

- Estimate differences

- Place value to subtract

-Solving problem with addition and subtraction

B. Chapter 2 Represent and interpret data

-Use and make picture and bar graphs

-Line plots

- Solving problems using data

C. Chapter 3 Understand Multiplication

-Count Equal Groups

- Addition and multiplication

- Skip count on a number line

-Model with arrays

- Commutative Property of Multiplication

D. Chapter 4 Multiplication Facts and Strategies

-Multiply with 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

-Properties of Multiplication: Distributive property, Associative Property

- Patterns of Multiplication

-Problem Solving: Multiplication


Language Arts

A. Grammar

-Types of sentences: Statements, Questions, Commands, and Exclamations

- Sentence Punctuation

-Subject and Predicate in sentences

-Compound Sentences


-Singular and Plural Nouns

-Common and Proper Nouns

-Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns

- Capitalizations


-Action Verbs

. Build/Reading skills

- Elements of the story

- Time-Order

- Main idea and supporting details

- Reading Myths and Fables

- Reading Short Stories

- Proofreading Marks

C. Phonics

- Short vowels

- Long vowels

- Hard and Soft c and g

- Blends with r and l, with s

- Final Blends

- Consonant Digraphs: sh, th, wh, ch

- Syllables

D. Writing

-Personal Narrative

-Writing Fictional narratives: beginning, middle, and ending

-Pre-write and Revise Explanatory Writing



- The birth of Jesus (Luke 2)

- The Baptism of Jesus (Luke 3)

- The Miracles of Jesus (Luke 4-5)

- The Twelve Disciples of Jesus (Luke 6)

- The Ministry of Jesus (Luke 9)

- The Parable of Good Samaritan (Luke 10)

- Jesus’ Arrest and Trial (Matthew 26-27)

- Jesus’ Death (Matthew 27 and Luke 23)

- Jesus’ Resurrection (Matthew 27 and Luke 24)

- The Gospel Commission (Matthew 28 and Mark 16)

- The Pentecost (Acts 1,2)

- The Church Begins to grow (Acts 2, 4)


A. Unit A Life Cycles

- Life Cycle and Species

- Animal life cycle: butterfly and grasshopper

- How do animals care for their young

- Life cycle of a flowering plant

- Parts of the flower and seed

- How do cones make and protect seeds

- Evergreens and life cycle of conifers

B. Unit B: Sun, Moon, and Earth

- What is moon like?

- What is being on the moon?

- What is sun like?


Social Studies

A. Unit 1 The Geography of North America and the Caribbean

- The five oceans of the world

- The seven continents of the world

- The United States and its regions

- The 50 states and the capital cities

- The geography and natural resources in Canada

- The geography and natural resources in Mexico

- The geography and natural resources in The Caribbean

B. Unit 2 Celebrating Culture

- Native Americans

- Different cultures, beliefs, customs, food, language, and stories

- Life and what to do in Canada

- Life in Mexico

- The Caribbean

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