Grade 1 - Supplies

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Composition Note Books

Quantity: 8


3 Ring Binder

Quantity : 3 Binders


Facial Tissue

Quantity: 1 box




Pencil Sharpeners

Quantity:  2 

No electrical sharpeners allowed



Pocket Folders

Quantity: 10



HB # 2 Pencils:

Quantity: 10 or Pack of 10



Glue Stick
Quantity: 1 Pack


Quantity: 1 Box


Clear Page Protectors
Quantity: 100 sheets pack 



Quantity: 2


Pencil Case
Quantity: 1 

With zipper


Quantity: 1 

12 inch with mm



Quantity: 1 


School Dictionary
Quantity: 1 


School Scissors 
Quantity: 1 




Elmers Liquid Glue 
Quantity: 1 




White P. E Shirt
Quantity: 2 Pairs

(OPS Supplied or regular white with no logos )



Dark Blue P. E Shorts
Quantity: 2 Pairs

(OPS Supplied or regular dark blue with no logos )




Dark Blue Sweat Pants
Quantity: 2 Pairs

(OPS Supplied or regular with no logos )


P. E Sneakers
Quantity: 1 Pair

(Black or White only)



Construction Paper 
Quantity: 1 Pack



Tempera Paint with brushes  
Quantity: 1 Set


Drawing pad 



Quantity: 5 or 6 containers 
(Assorted colors)


NB:  As necessary all students are required to have a printer and technology device i.e. Tablet or Desktop Computer

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